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Will laser engraving fall off?

Do not worry, laser engraving is processed by scraping the surface of the object, it'll never faded.

What is colored laser engraving?

Colored laser engraving is our patent. It is not a direct laser engraving color, but a secondary process after laser engraving. It has the advantages of saturated color, rich luster and wear resistance.

Is there any sales of coloring equipment?

The patented colored laser engraving is a processing service and does not provide sales of coloring equipment.

Is there a teaching and warranty for the purchase of laser equipment?

of course! We not only provide equipment, but also laser software and teaching services, and have a product warranty for a certain period of time.

I don't know if my object is suitable for laser engraving?

We offer free trial service, you can consult our professionals or provide your samples for trial and we will give you the most professional advice.

Can laser equipment be customized according to my needs?

Of course, you can discuss your needs with our sales, we will recommend the best product for you.