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SINCE 1998

Latec Technology Co., Ltd was established in 1998. We are committed to laser engraving research. In 2005, we led the laser engraving industry had invented laser engrave coloring technology to make laser engraving become colorful . In order to provide customer better quality, we keep improving ourself and passed the ISO9001 certification.

We have more than 20 kinds of laser equipments and with different wavelengths. We can perform laser processing on various metals, plastics, acrylic, wood, glass and other materials, and can be used with various surface treatment methods to achieve variety of different effects.

Based on more than 20 years of processing experience. We created Yongteng Technology Co., Ltd in 2017, which sells all kinds of laser equipment. We provide customized design service and build the laser equipments all by ourself; the entire equipment can be according to customers’ needs. Furthermore, we provide our processing experience to makes customers get started quickly and know better about laser.

Does your product have laser processing, coloring, or equipment requirements? You are welcome to contact us, we will provide you with the most suitable solutions.