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Patent Colored Laser Marking


Patent Colored Laser Marking

Latec independently research and develop the technique of Colored Laser Marking. This coloring technique is able to color the area of already laser marked on workpiece. Through this technique we achieve a lot advantage such as suitable for all kinds of metal materials, makes the logo colorful with uniform color, environmental protection, and perfect anti-friction and corrosion resistance. Also, we obtained multinational inventions and new patents. Furthermore, the best thing is that the yield rate of the process is up to 100%.

Suitable for a variety of metal materials

Metal materials can be processed without material limitation; stainless steel, black iron, copper, aluminum alloy and other metals can be produced.

Color saturation comparable to paint

Good color saturation. After processing, the color saturation and color concentration are comparable to the paint, but there is no peeling and environmental problems. A variety of colors to choose from, can also be matched according to customer needs. The color is evenly saturated and not easy to fade.

Environmental protection, toxicity, safety testing passed

Pure neutral raw materials, tested by non-toxic tests, no environmental problems. The process is environmentally safe, has no toxic concerns and pollution problems.

Good anti-friction and corrosion resistance

Good adhesion, generally friction will not fall off. Excellent corrosion resistance, salt spray test can reach more than 100 hours. It can effectively prevent the oxidation problem that will occur after general laser engraving.